Synthesizer: Eska - QUODfm


Eska has released QUODfm, an FM synth for Windows.
- Four time multitimbral.
- dynamic scale quantize (scale constraining) for each channel
- Livechannel: Route dynamicly to the synth and controll channels
- Load on select browsing of presets and microtunings
- Chord Pads: A 16 x chordmemory, fingerdrumpad interface.
- Retrigger button for the last n notes.
- Undertones: "Trautonium" subharmonics
- Control signalsare BPM related, shuffle, master time stretch.
- CPU-Load is ~ 20% -22% per 16 voices on my Pentium M 1.9 GHZ

Price: 39 euro
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"The QUODfm is a VSTi, a software syntheziser for windows based on FM synthesis, with some new concepts for song developing and live use." Via