Effect: Evopax - VTM5


Evopax unveils VTM5, a polyphonic EQ effect for Windows. Looks great!

• Accurate analog replica filters.
• Five simultaneous voices each one with LS, HS, Peak, HP, LP.
• Internal mixer. Balance, delay sections per channel.
• Bundled spectrum analyzer.
• Limit top frequency function for increasing knob range.
• Configurable frequency UI colors.
• Average metering with hold. RMS, Peak, saturation warning.
• Optimized for low CPU usage. It employs one of the fastest FFT available.
• Even 1Hz steps with the mouse or external controllers (Peak, HP, LP).
• LP, HP with high levels of resonance.
• Considerable peak filter curvature.
• Time varying FX like Chorus, Stereo Enhancer or Phaser.
• All usual sample rates supported.
• One click MIDI Learn. Option for protecting from sudden changes.

Price: 90$ / 70€
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“Polyphonic EQ 1.2 VST Plug-in Windows XP/Vista” Link

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