Effect: vescoFX - Provoker


vescoFX launches Provoker, a vocal compressor effect for Windows.

64-bit internal processing resolution.

Lots of built in presets.

Full automation support of all controls for VST compliant hosts.

Sample accurate, zero-latency algorithm.

Uses a combination of variable compression, subtle eq, and saturation.

Compressor section is tweaked to sound great at every setting with a very soft knee with auto make up gain.

Includes a soft expander style gate for controlling noise between vocal phrases.

Eliminates complex routing for parallel dynamics processing.

Works on both mono and stereo tracks.

Works with 32-bit Windows VST hosts (including compatibility for older Athlon processors).

Price: Introductory price: $19 ($29 ).

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“gives you one giant knob used to push a track right to the front of a mix” vescoFX

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