Audio Tool: Alessandro Petrolati - Density

music making software

Alessandro Petrolati launches Density, a granular synthesis tool for both Windows and Mac.

  • -oscilloscope and spectralscope tools

  • -drag and drop audio files (streams and windowing) and drag and drop project folder (main)

  • -fully menaging the project, save/save as and load

  • -windows float/no float mode

  • -shorts key for voices selection, dragging sliders etc...

  • -MIDI Output sync: enable/disable, continuously/mouse up send

  • -MIDI Input mapping: learn/manual functions, range map/rescale, exponential curve

  • -HV_pad (i.e. hyper vectorial pad), combines 9 snapshots (multi dimensional) and provide auto-explore engine (spiral, dunk, reflects)

  • -micro-pad interpolating between four snaps

  • -four table to draw transitions curves

  • -clients menage: include/esclude widgets from transitions

  • -simultaleously (streams and main) transition (interpolation), between two snapshots in a given time

  • -fast snapshots presets for store/recall

  • -snapshots memory allocation up to 24 for each stream and 24 for the main mixer

  • -DSP settings and infos report on the statusbar

  • -VST support: one for each channel + one for the master

  • -trigger granular streams: foreground, sync, all

  • -quick-record export master channel, progressive autoname file or directory and re-sampling and quantize outfile

  • -main mixer, 8 channels, 1 master, solo/mute and VST slots

  • -dynamic buffer load/save, normalize, crop, resize length etc...

  • -envelope/windowing loading and menage 12 sound-files (aiff,wav)

  • - envelope/windowing menage up to 12 shape prototypes

  • -rapid change sndfile, just jumping between the windows

  • -mutli sounds buffer windows (resizable), fine scanning explorations

  • -scrub quantize: zero-crossing, bpm, phase and samples

  • -dynamic scrub pad, wrap-around selection, crop, normalize draw, etc...

  • -loading up to 12 sound-files (aiff,wav) for each stream (96 tot.)

  • 8 granular sreams simultaleously

  • Price: 25 EUR