Effect: Sir Elliot - LRC-II / Pc / Free

music making software

Sir Elliot launches LRC-II, a free compressor effect for Windows.


  • Attack: 505 Milliseconds (Maximum)

  • Release: 0.001 Milliseconds to 5 Seconds

  • Threshold: -90 dB (Maximum)

  • Ratio: 0.005:1 to 1.120:1 (11.20:1)

  • Loudness: 0 – 8

  • Prevent Clip: Once enabled, all peaks will not exceed –0.1 dB. Selecting from A to B will bring forth different reactions based on the overall dynamics of the mix.

  • Fixed Delay

"The LRC-II is a Low Residue Compressor designed for those who do not fancy the artefacts that are common with many compressors. The LRC-II is suited for Jazz, & Dance music." Sir Elliot