A tester says that the Sony Xperia Z1 Honami is heavy and the camera doesn't have any wow factor

Honami 4

A tester has leaked out some more info about the Sony Xperia Z1 Honami phone, and it was not the best info really, he says that the camera doesn't have any "wow" factor, and the device is very heavy, almost as heavy as the 6.44-inch huge Xperia Z Ultra. And the display was not as good as the Z Ultra either. This is the first negative I have heard about the Honami. Maybe the testers gets the phone in some kind of case that makes it heavier? We will see the real deal really soon, on September 4.
The metal power button is so much smaller than the one on Z and the phone is a bit heavy. Almost same weight as Z ultra... 5" and almost same weight as Z Ultra (which is thinner), I guess it's the battery. Yes it's thicker, similar to Z.

It's brighter and more white than Z/V. And also X-Reality colors are not as saturated as Bravia Engine 2. Z Ultra display is better with richer colors and contrast although both are using the same screen. I just did a comparison side by side with Z Ultra. Z Ultra is much better whereas Honami is whiter/brighter. But take it with a grain of salt as I think the firmware in Honami is old.

Tried the camera, nothing to be wow about seriously. There's this bo liao app where you can take AR effect like a 3D dinosaur/fairies in the backdrop lol
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