Google+ is also a great KnowledgeBase thanks to all manually curated posts

google+ knowledgebaseGoogle+ has been around since June/July 2011 now, and both the user base and content base has grown enormously. And one of the best things with Google+ is that we need to manually curate posts, no auto posting as you can do on Twitter or FaceBook for example.

That means that the content on Google+ holds a higher quality than on most other places. So you can easily find both great facts and info to a research for example.

Google+ has an excellent search engine for that, and I really wish more users could understand that and start using Google+ search, it's very powerful and you can even save your searches.

Here is an old video I've done about that (the UI doesn't look like that anymore):

Google+ is so much for me, blogging service, social network, news source, news reader, discussion forums and much, much more, and now also a KnowledgeBase thanks to the great search engine and all the manually curated content.