A lot of Hate on Youtube after Google activated Google+ comments - I hope Google don't care because it's the right thing to do

There is a lot of rage going on on YouTube after that Google activated Google+ comments on Youtube two days ago, and I can only say, Google go, go! YouTube doesn’t need those with all this hate, because those users is the ones that we the content makers wants to get rid of anyways. They are just some script kids angry because they can’t troll as much as before. So I really hope that +Vic Gundotra and the team doesn’t care about all this rage, because this is the right thing to do. YouTube needs to get rid of these terrible users.

I am glad that all the hate comments and harassment’s doesn’t show up at the top in the comment threads anymore. Personally I would like Google to allow one more thing: Turn off the normal YouTube comments completely. That would be the best. If someone wants to comment, I would prefer them to have a Google+ profile. It will be more civilized then.

Another thing Google/YouTube need to do ASAP, is making it possible to block and report users directly from the YouTube mobile app. I have already blocked and reported two script kids with hate comments, but both time I had to pick up my 11-inch MacBook Air to do so.

I can only see benefits with having Google+ comments on YouTube, both as a content creator that needs more views, and as a user that wants to engage and interact with videos.

So now I only wait for the updated YouTube app, so that I can start to reply to all the comments I get directly from my Android phone. It will be fun making videos again! Thank you Google!

My vlog about this: