I don't agree that slowness kills the Apple Watch

Here is what Dan Moren says about the Apple Watch:

The stale data and the lack of speed means that either you have to stare at your Watch for several seconds and hope the data updates; or tap on the complication to load the Watch app, which as we all know takes a good long while as well; or simply give up and pull out your phone

And yes I’ll agree that some Apple Watch apps can be slow sometimes, but I don’t agree that it’s killing the Apple Watch and it’s purpose.

Personally I really enjoy and actually prefer glancing at the notifications on my Apple Watch, or ticking of tasks as done from the Todoist complication, reading new emails, seeing my next meetings and appointments directly on the Watch while walking[1], sitting in meetings, at a dinner or while taking a coffee break in the lunch room with my colleagues.

It’s still both easier, faster and most importantly: more discrete and polite.

And I also like to dictate directly into the Apple Watch using different apps that converts my voice to text. For example adding tasks to Todoist, sending iMessages to my wife, replying to emails and much more. Dictation is so simple to do and feels so intuitive and comfortable to do on the Apple Watch.

To me the Apple Watch has totally change how I use my mobile devices and apps. It has made me procrastinate less, it has also helped me not having to pay for Todoist premium because the free account is enough because I don’t want or need notifications for my tasks anymore thanks to the awesome Apple Watch complication that I can glance at when I want.

The Apple Watch has made me use my iPhone much less. I almost never read notifications on my iPhone anymore for example. Thats what the Apple Watch is for now. I never use the notification center on the iPhone anymore, I never use the Weather app anymore, I don’t use the alarm anymore, I don’t use the timer anymore and much much more. Because all that is what I use the Apple Watch for now.

The Apple Watch is still one of the best devices I’ve ever bought.

Via Why slowness is killing the Apple Watch - Six Colors

Here is a video about the Apple Watch:

  1. Heck! I even do it while driving sometimes! (don’t tell anyone)  ↩