Fleksy - the third party keyboard finally adds word predictions

Today the third party keyboard Fleksy released an update for their iOS keyboard. And now finally this excellent keyboard has word prediction!

So now it doesn't only have a really powerful auto correction, 3D Touch support, Customizable Extension, GIFs, emojis, colorful themes, gestures, customizable keyboard, cloud personalization, support for 40 languages, and much more features, it also now finally has word prediction too!

So that made me switch to Fleksy as my default keyboard on iOS. So let's see how it goes. I really like that it supports the 3D Touch touchpad support in iOS. And I also like the new word predictions of course. And that I can make the keyboard very large if I want. The large keyboard setting works really great on my iPhone 6s plus and iPad Air. And I also like the emoji and hashtags suggestions you get while typing. And I also like the swipe gestures that makes it so easy to type with one hand.

And it also seems that Fleksy is very stable.

Fleksy's powerful auto correction

Wrong letters? Sloppy typing? No Problem! Fleksy will know what word you meant to type even if you mis-type every letter.

This smart keyboard doesn’t just look at the letters you press, it looks at the pattern you tap to understand what you meant to type. Type reliably, type beyond prediction.

Fleksy's powerful gestures

Tired of pressing backspace? Swipe left anywhere for blazing fast word-by-word delete. Wrong autocorrect? Just swipe down anywhere to change the word!

Fleksy’s gestures maximize typing speed and comfort, making typing as simple as on your laptop.

So go and download the latest version of Fleksy from the app store here.

One of my videos about Fleksy: