Personally, IWC (International Watch Company)) is one of my biggest watch company favorites. Their watches looks so cool. So I decided to make one myself. This watchface is of the MARK XVIII Pilot Watch. It's a watch in my style. Totally.

I added variable brightness that I prefer over Lume. Because smartwatches already has "lume" built-in. Setting the brightness level between 5-7 works great in low light environments. And on this watch face you get a real "lume" feeling because of the quite short hour dots in bright white.

Second hand shows battery level when dimmed. Tap below 6 to choose between 7 different brightness levels. I added that placement very low on the display to minimize the risk of adding smudge and dirt on the screen.

Personally I'm very happy with the results, it's very near the look of the real IWC watch. And I'm also very happy with the design of the date window.

Enjoy this watchface for the Watchmaker app!

Download / Dropbox