Laco Genf Day Date Type A Pilot Watch Face

Here is a watch face of one of the older pilot watch models. It's from Laco, one of the original pilot watch makers from Germany. The Laco Genf Day Date Type A Pilot Watch has both a Date field and a Day field. The day field is rounded and placed below the Laco logo. I made it so it should display the day in your own language that you have set in your Smartwatch settings. It should work. At least it works for my language Swedish :)

On this watchface i also added an automatic decrease of brightness after sunset. It decreases the brightness with 30%. And get to normal brightness again at sunrise.

But of course I added variable brightness that I prefer over Lume. Because smartwatches already has "lume" built-in. Setting the brightness level between 5-7 works great in low light environments.This variable brightness you can use together with the automated too if you like. Both works simultaneously.

Second hand shows battery level when dimmed. Tap below 30 to choose between 7 different brightness levels. I added that placement very low on the display to minimize the risk of adding smudge and dirt on the screen.

Enjoy this watchface for the Watchmaker app!

Direct Download / Dropbox