Breitling Superocean Heritage II - 4 Watch Faces!

Here is my take of the very beautiful watch Breitling Superocean Heritage II. I did three of the colors it's available in (plus one bonus). Vulcano Black, Gun Blue (my favorite, it looks incredibly beautiful), and Copperhead Bronze. I think I've succeeded quite well in making these watchfaces look good on a smartwatch. I decided to skip doing the markers slightly conical as on the original watch, because I think I managed to make the markers really good looking in my way instead. With all shadows and the sharpness, and a perfect glow in low light environments. Especially with my variable brightness settings set quite low.

I always test and try my watchfaces for a few days, and change the very small details until I'm satisfied with them. That way I lay a lot of time and love into them to make them as perfect as possible. My watchfaces often looks better on the watch itself than in the Watchmaker app. It's because I try them so much and change them to look great on the watch.

My Breitling Superocean Heritage II Watch Face has easily become my favorite watch face. To me it's the most beautiful I've ever done. Even better than my very popular Rolex Explorer watch face. Not the hardest to do, just better.

I hope you like them as much as I do. Enjoy!

This watch face is very good for the battery life too, you can easily have brightness level 2 or 3 during the whole day. And 5-6 during the evening. At least here in Europe this time of year. 

On this watchface i also added an automatic decrease of brightness after sunset. It decreases the brightness with 30%. And get to normal brightness again at sunrise.

Setting the brightness level between 5-7 works great in low light environments. This variable brightness can you use together with the automated too if you like. Both works simultaneously.

Tap below 6 to choose between 7 different brightness levels. I added that placement very low on the display to minimize the risk of adding smudge and dirt on the screen.

I draw and sketch the hands and assets in a vector-based software to get the sharpness I want, the rest I do completely in Watchmaker for Android and iOS.

My goal is to make watchfaces that looks good and realistic on a smartwatch. Therefore I don't do bezels because smartwatches already has bezels, and I don't do Lume because it's not necessary on a smartwatch. At the moment I don't do Chronographs either, but that can change in the future.

Enjoy this watchface for the Watchmaker app for both Android and iOS! All my watchfaces works with Android Wear and Tizen (Samsung Gear) watches.

And now let me see some photos of it on your wrist :)

Direct Download:

Volcano Black

Gun Blue

Copperhead Bronze

While working on the perfect nuance of the Gun Blue version, I came up with this one too:


Download the file to your phone. If it's not opens in the Watchmaker app automatically (look in the "my watches" tab), then import it manually into Watchmaker from the top right menu.