How to download and install my watch faces for free

I create free watch faces for you to download, that works for both Android Wear and Tizen smart watches.

But how do you download and install them on your smartwatch?

I did a video where I try to show you how. Watch it below.

1. Buy and install the Watchmaker app from either Google Play Store or Apple's App Store.

2. Go to my website (this).

3. Browse to see all my Watch faces, and open the one you want.

4. Read the post and click links to find more info about the watch. When you have decided, scroll down to the bottom of the post where you find a download link.

5. Click the download link and when the file is downloaded to your phone, it should open automatically in the Watchmaker app.

6. If not, then click the three small dots in the top right corner in watchmaker.

7. Choose import watch face

8. When the watchface is imported into watchmaker, open it.

9. Click on the large send button to transfer it to your smartwatch.

10. That's it! Enjoy!

Watch video: