MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date Watch Face - 6 versions

My post yesterday with 9 MeisterSinger watch faces got quite popular, so I decided to do one more model, this time of the very beautiful and great single handed watch Pangaea Day Date.

The single hand encourages a sense of calm and relaxation – a true luxury in our quick modern world.

Another very positive thing with my MeisterSinger watchfaces is battery life. Your Smartwatch gets incredibly good battery life when using my MeisterSinger watch faces. When using these faces you can glance at them without waking them up from dim mode. You see the time easily without doing that. And you actually don't need to because there is no second hand or minute hand movement. Only the slow one hand movement. That saves battery. Trust me.

I just love the concept of Meistersinger watches. I like the philosophy that we actually don't need to see the exact time all the time. Single-handed watches is quite easy to see the time with a quick glance at the watch. And on the Meistersinger watches you can easily see the time you need to see. And the really long watch hand helps a lot.

The markers on the watchfaces glows beautifully in the dark. Even with the variable brightness set very low. These watch faces are very good for the battery life too.

On this watch face i also added an automatic decrease of brightness after sunset. It decreases the brightness with 30%. And get to normal brightness again at sunrise.

Setting the brightness level between 5-7 works great in low light environments. This variable brightness can you use together with the automated too if you like. Both works simultaneously.

Tap below 6 to choose between 7 different brightness levels. I added that placement very low on the display to minimize the risk of adding smudge and dirt on the screen.

I draw and sketch the hands and assets in a vector-based software to get the sharpness I want, the rest I do completely in Watchmaker for Android and iOS.

My goal is to make watchfaces that looks good and realistic on a smartwatch. Therefore I don't do bezels because smartwatches already has bezels, and I don't do Lume because it's not necessary on a smartwatch. At the moment I don't do Chronographs either, but that can change in the future.

Enjoy this watchface for the Watchmaker app for both Android and iOS! All my watchfaces works with Android Wear and Tizen (Samsung Gear) watches.

And now let me see some photos of it on your wrist :)

Here is my first post with 9 MeisterSinger watch faces

Download the original Pangaea version

When creating this I come up with different nuances of colors before making it right. So I decided to give you them too instead of scratching them. Here is different colored versions:

Turquoise version

Brown version

Grey version

Green version

Brown version

Download the file to your phone. If it's not opens in the Watchmaker app automatically (look in the "my watches" tab), then import it manually into Watchmaker from the top right menu.