I have always had the dream to be a podcaster, and now finally that dream has come true. I have now two podcasts of my own. One English short-form podcast and one more long-form Swedish podcast. Both are about technology and gadgets.

The English short-form podcast is called The 5 minute podcast, and you can subscribe and download and listen to it via iTunes. You can also search for “the 5 minute podcast” in your preferred podcast player. Or manually add it from this RSS Feed.

It will bring you the latest news and rumors about technology and gadgets, and of course a lot about Apple, but also other stuff that I find interesting. An episode will usually not be longer than 10 minutes, but will be released more than once a week. If you like it, please support me by giving this podcast a review in iTunes! It would help me a lot. Seriously.

And my Swedish podcast is called Svartlingcast, and is about technology, gadgets, a lot about Apple, and of course about how it is to be living in the post-pc era without a normal computer and only be using and iPad and iPhone. An episode will be around 20-40 minutes and will be released once a week. You can always find full show notes for this Swedish podcast here.

Please subscribe and download this podcast from iTunes, or search for “svartlingcast” in your preferred podcast player. Of course you can also add it manually using this RSS feed. And of course if you like it, please support me by giving this podcast a review in iTunes too! It would help me a lot. Seriously.

  • Feedback:
    • You can send me feedback for any of my podcasts by email to Svartling@gmail.com or on Twitter.
    • You can also send in questions and tips as audio files to me, so that I can add them to a podcast. That way you can be in one of the episodes. I will of course link to you and talk about where they can follow you if you like.
    • Please give my two Podcasts a review in iTunes if you like them. It would help me a lot. You would really support me personally if you do.