Apple Community Rules

The Apple Community on Google+ is a community where we post news about Apple, their devices, apps and everything else relating to the company! Only posts directly related to Apple, where Apple, one of their products or third-party products, is one of the main topics will be allowed in this community. As the community creator and owner, I want the community rules to be followed strictly. If that is something that you, as a member, can't do then there are other communities waiting for you. Read more about the community here.

Please join the community here!


  • Posts and comments must be in English only, please do not refer to any translating features
  • Post your posts in the right category. Read more here. And no, the moderators can't easily move your post to the right category. As long as the Google+ app is as bad as it is, we have to be on a desktop computer to be able to move a post to the right category. And personally I never use a computer anymore. Here is a way to do it from an iOS device though. If you are a moderator that is.
  • Make sure you add an intro to your post; don’t include just a link. You have to add some text to the link. The same goes for posted videos. Hashtags is not enough.
  • No polls about which is better, Android or iOS, or Windows or OS X is allowed. Dude, this is an apple community what do you think?
  • No Apple hate posts, Troll posts or comments are allowed.
  • The same posts can't be posted over and over again. That will make you a spammer and banned from the community. Posts about the same big news is allowed if it's from different sources though.
  • Link dumpers is not allowed. We don't want members that posts links to their blogs and never comes back to reply to comments or interact. Those members will be banned.
  • Posts relating to piracy and pirating Apps is not allowed.
  • Spam posts is of course not allowed and also blogs that blatantly copies content from others will be banned from the community.

Here is a short video showing stuff you have to do to not be deleted: