Pixelmator for iPad released - an incredible app that makes me feel even more that I'm already living in the Post-pc era

Pixelmator for iPad is released in the App Store, and it's amazing. This will revolutionize how you work with photos. It's a native experience with no limitations. This is a professional app for photographers. Incredible. It also has full photoshop compatibility with layers and all. It's a must have app for users like me, that uses the iPad instead of computers.

It's Apps like this that makes it feel so great that I'm already living in the post-pc era. I'm already living in the future. Soon I've done that for 10 months already. Living without a computer, using the iPad exclusively. I'm quite surprised that it was so easy to do. I'm also surprised that not more people sees that it's possible. Not only possible, it's both more fun and easier. I have never been so creative and productive before.

If you can't watch the video above, click this link: Pixelmator For iPad Released And It's Amazing - Native Experience With No Limitations

Final note on Pixelmator’s debut on the iPad: it truly looks and feels like the image editor Apple would make, and I mean that in the most positive way. The UI is simple, cohesive with the rest of iOS, and it is remarkably familiar with other Apple apps in many areas of the interface. The Pixelmator team did a great job in adapting the floating controls of the desktop version to the iPad, crafting a UI that puts the spotlight on images without causing confusion. The use of popovers and gestures feels just right on the iPad, and manipulating content directly on the Retina display makes for a fantastic portable image editing experience.

Most of all, Pixelmator for iPad isn’t a dumbed-down Pixelmator, which is great news for people who, like me, are using an iPad as their primary computer.

Via: 24 Hours with Pixelmator for iPad – MacStories

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Apple is asking developers for 64-bit only apps from February and onward

I think it's very interesting that Apple demands the developers to only submit 64-bit apps to the App Store from February 1. Could it be because of new coming devices that needs that? Maybe they preparing for the iPad Pro, or the rumored 12-inch MacBook that maybe is not a “normal” Macbook? Or is it a preparation for a merge of iOS and OS X?

If it's nothing of that we at least get even better app performance. Apps will not use as much memory or storage either.

If you can't watch the video below, click on this link: Apple Asks Developers For 64-bit apps - Could They Prepare For New Devices?

Via Apple wants all iOS apps to use 64-bit code starting in February

The switch could have a meaningful impact on the apps you use. At the least, it should reduce the need for iOS to juggle both 32- and 64-bit code. That's good for performance, whether or not there are meaningful upgrades to the apps themselves. The move may also spur more developers to fine-tune their apps for the A7 and A8 chips in recent iOS gear – even if they don't need to use higher-precision 64-bit math, that could still lead to faster games, media players and other demanding titles.

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