Kobo Clara 2e (non-color) e-Reader is so light so I will use it Naked with a PopSocket instead

I will try to use the Kobo Clara 2e naked because it is so light, you almost doesn’t feel it in your hand. So I will stop using the really great sleep cover for it that makes it a lot heavier. So instead I will use a popsocket on the back to get a better grip because the backside is quite slippery. And I said it again, it is much better to use the Kobo Clara 2e or the new Kobo Clara B&W if you only read B&W text ebooks. Because the Color Kaleido 3 display makes it a lot darker, dull and not as sharp. On a color e-reader you need to compensate with about 80% front light to have it enough bright to read on at home. But of course if you are planning to read coloured content like comics or coloured Mangas, then you should definitely buy the new Kobo Clara Color or even better the Kobo Libra Color. By the way, I also use a Popsocket on the Onyx Boox Palma for the same reason.

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