Ableton Live v4.1.1 released

Ableton Live is the music-production solution that allows you to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise and edit your musical ideas. Live brings your acoustic, electronic and virtual instruments, as well as your digital audio recordings, together in a single interface with unparalleled ease of use. In the end, Live lets you focus on what really matters: your music.
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* (OSX) Improved performance when switching between Live and any VST/AU plug window.
* (OSX) Workaround for missing certain information in MOTU Mach5 Audio Unit Version 1.2, so it should work now.
* Improved VST Shell Scanning (faster).
* Preferences Product Page - Some more layout and language corrections.
* Default 'Groove' setting - MIDI clips created within Live will now overtake the current global 'Groove' setting from the preferences.
* Operator hide - It is now possible to hide Operator. You can do this in the Products section of Live's preferences. If hidden, Operator is not visible in the instrument browser and the Operator Lessons are not accessible via the Help menu. Furthermore, if you load a song containing Operator while it is hidden, you can load the song but the contained Operator will be disabled.
* Edirol Orchestra plug-in - Better support for the Edirol Orchestra plug-in.
* Lesson view screen resolution - We removed the screen resolution restrictions for the Lesson view. Therefore the Lesson view should be visible on all screen resolutions.


* Creating breakpoints on clip envelopes - Trying to create a breakpoint on a clip's envelope while completely zoomed-in would cause the mouse cursor to jump to the right corner of the envelope view.
* (OSX) VST WavesShell 5.x crashed while scanning.
* Rendering/Consolidate Ping Pong Delay - Under certain Live would not render correctly tracks containing the Ping Pong Delay effect because a wrong feedback value.
* Random crash when recording with 96kHz - Under very rare conditions Live would crash when recording with 96kHz for longer periods of time.
* Recording/Consolidate in ReWire slave mode - Running as ReWire slave Live would not recognizing the host sample rate on recording and consolidation.
* Operator: Global time - Because of a wrong initialization Operator's Global Time parameter could behave not correctly.
* Save of detail view state - Live would not save correctly the open/closed state of the detail view (track vs. clip view) in the song.
* (OSX) Keys and mouse clicks on OS X - There was a noticeable delay when using computer keys or clicking with the mouse on OS X. This bug was responsible for some other strange behavior such as inaccuracies in Tap-Tempo.
* Crash for special keys on a japanese system - Live would crash when typing certain characters (such as German umlauts) on a Japanese system.
* Crash with VST side chain Plug-ins - Live would crash when trying to use a VST plug-in with a side chain (for instance Voxengo crunchessor).
* Moving warped playing clips - This fixes the bug that a warped playing session clip, when moved to another slot while it is playing, would playback at the wrong position.
* AutoFilter quantize - Depending on quantize and arranger loop settings AutoFilter's quantize did not work right.
* Latency compensation field - There was an rounding problem with the latency compensation field in the audio preferences.
* ReWire with Reason - Sometimes Live would send a MIDI event with a wrong time stamp to Propellerheads' Reason.
* Operator parameter modulation - There was a problem with some MIDI controlled parameters producing non rounded values. This is fixed so that it is now possible to MIDI control these parameters correctly. Due to this fix, some Operator envelopes from Live 4.1 may not be transferred correctly.
* (OSX) Startup Crash on OS X 10.4.