AudioMulch is an interactive musician’s environment for computers running Microsoft Windows. Bringing together the popular with what has up to now been considered experimental, AudioMulch merges the worlds of mainstream electronica and electroacoustic sound composition to create a fluid sonic environment only limited by the artist’s imagination.

While many of the processes featured within AudioMulch are not new to computer music programs, it is the software’s ability to carry out these traditionally "studio" or "non-real-time" signal processing techniques in real-time that emerges as its major asset. With AudioMulch, music that has for so long been limited to the pre & post-production practices of a studio can emerge in a new LIVE and interactive context.

Through the essentially unlimited (only by the power of the computer) combination of a network of synthesis and processing contraptions, AudioMulch allows the user to extend their current audio processing capabilities or create new music within their computer without additional expensive software or hardware systems.

AudioMulch 'Contraptions' (signal processing elements) include:

Signal Generators:
Test tone / noise, drum machine, bassline synthesizer, additive synthesizer, stored sample granulator, loop player, Shepard / Risset tone generator, arpeggiator.

Reverb, flanger, phaser, delay line granulator, ring / amplitude modulation, stereo delays, dynamic stereo spatialiser, waveshaper / distortion , digital grunge inducer, pulsar comb filter.

Parametric EQ, resonant comb filter bank, Shepard / Risset filter bank, granular filtering.

AudioMulch supports VST audio effects plugins, allowing over 50 free plugins and many commercial plugins to be used within the AudioMulch environment.

AudioMulch can be used to process and generate sound files or as a live performance instrument.

AudioMulch allows any processing parameter to be controlled via MIDI. AudioMulch can syncronise to an external MIDI clock source.

Up to 16 channels of real-time audio input and output can be generated and / or processed by AudioMulch when used in conjunction with a multichannel soundcard.

AudioMulch is distributed as shareware, the registration fee for a single-user license is currently US$50. Alpha and Beta versions of AudioMulch expire 90 days after their release date. Registering AudioMulch disables program expiry.

System Requirements
AudioMulch is a 32 bit Windows application requiring either Windows95/98/Me or NT4.0/2000/XP (or later). To hear audio in real-time (that is what the program is designed for) you need a soundcard capable of delivering 16bit 44.1k stereo sound. To process audio from the soundcard input you will need a full-duplex soundcard i.e. one capable of simultaneous 16bit 44.1k stereo recording and playback. To do anything useful a Pentium(R) class machine is required. MMX Won't speed things up much but enhanced floating-point (Pentium Pro or Pentium II, III, IV, AMD Athlon etc.) will. The faster the machine, the more you can do in real-time.