Bass-Station v1.4

Novation are proud to announce the release of the eagerly-awaited Bass-Station 1.4, an improved and updated version of the original classic software synthesizer (emulation of the Bass-Station Keyboard / Rack). This brand new release includes numerous bug fixes, enhanced compatibility and simplified registration.

All Logic users will be pleased to learn that the new version is 100% compatible with Logic 7, so any sessions containing Bass-Stations can now be actualised in full splendour. There is also a stereo version of the Bass Station that allows the Bass Station to be used in Apple's Garage Band software. To update your Bass-Station, simply download the new version from the Bass-Station page of this site, then having installed it, simply enter your serial number when requested.

Those wishing to purchase a Bass-Station will no longer have to endure a challenge/response process but merely the entry of their own serial number (supplied in the manual) instead. This will eliminate any delays between purchase and usage of the software, as we all know how frustrating these can be!

Finally, any bugs that have been reported by users or discovered within Novation headquarters have been fixed, making for an entirely seamless plug-in that will now integrate happily with all software platforms for that quality Novation injection.