Cycling '74 releases MODE v1.2.1 for Windows

MODE plug-ins

Combine classic synthesis and effects technique with state-of-the-art performance control and you get the Mode plug-in set.

Mode features user-friendly arpeggiators, integrated synth effects and simplified control of complex systems. As a result, Mode opens creative doors previously seen only in the best hardware devices.

Developed by the CreativeSynth team, the Mode plug-ins are unlike anything you've heard--deep basses, soaring lead lines and bizarre percussion, processed by synchronized effects and even a looper's paradise of delay lines.

Dive into the Mode plug-ins; when you resurface, you may not be able to look another plug-in in the eye.

The "Big Five" Plug-ins

MODE, built using Pluggo technology, based on five primary plug-ins:

POLY: A polyphonic synthesizer featuring a classic digital/analog hybrid synthesis engine. This instrument comes complete with an integrated chorus and delay effects so that the presets (and your programming) are both compelling and inspiring. Add to that our unique poly-arpeggiator that combines ease-of-programming with a unique playback style. POLY is the perfect cure for stale background tracks.

MONO: A dual 2-op FM engine gives this synth a ripping sound. Include a full-featured arpeggiator, unique "you-draw-it" distortion curve and sweet stereo delay and you have a monosynth that delivers everything from jangling leads to sub-killing bass.

BANG: When you need the perfect percussion sound, Bang provides sample playback, FM and analog percussion voices with a mixer and built-in effects to boot. A complex triple-DADSR envelope system allows you to create mini sequences as well as single drum beats. Each voice includes interesting application-specific tweakable controls to take your percussion sounds into another dimension.

SPIN: Time-synchronized effects are a staple of modern production, but straight eighth notes can be a drag. Spin provides sync in 32nd note steps from 1/32 to 4 measures in length. If you want some effect to sync, try an analog modeled filter, auto-panner, digital delay and our unique volume sequencer. Toss in an overdrive and bit-reduction effect, and you have an unsurpassed multi-effect with the convenience of host synchronization.

WASH: With WASH, you get to mix six digital delays, and 8x8 patch bay and a mixer into one plug-in with unrivaled performance control. Tap in a delay time or select on a per-channel basis, you get up to 10 seconds of delay time with each delay line. The delay channels can be "locked" for perpetual looping, and you can even do sound-on-sound recording with each line. Truly a looper's best friend...

The "Modules"

In addition to POLY, MONO, BANG, SPIN and WASH, the Mode package includes 18 plug-in "modules" culled from these devices. They include tasty filters, warm delays, harsh distortion effects and CPU-saving "mini" versions of the main plug-ins. The list includes:

BANG-ANA: A percussion instrument created from the analog emulation section of the BANG percussion synth. It uses very little CPU, and includes 80 pounding analog-style presets.

BANG-FM: The FM section of BANG split off as a stand-alone percussion synth. With 128 optimized presets and low CPU usage, this is a great collection of pinging and rattling percussion sounds.

BANG-SAMP: Tweaked sample percussion synthesis, with 128 usable presets and easy-to-adjust settings. Another low-CPU instrument that can fill a lot of space.

BANG-DELAY: A true stereo delay effect with cool modulation effects and an analog-style feedback system. BANG-DELAY is a great addition to your delay arsenal.

BANG-FILTDIST: Combining the gritty distortion and warm multi-state filter from BANG, as well as a volume and pan control, this effect can be used for everything from gain adjustment to outright mayhem.

MONO-ARP: Using the modulation mechanism made popular by the original Pluggo package, MONO-ARP allows you to control any Mode (or Pluggo) parameter with your keyboard. Add the MONO arpeggiator for time-sync'd performance, and you can find yourself flinging parameters with aplumb.

MONO-MINI: Remove the arpeggiator and effects from MONO, and you get an efficient but powerful FM monosynth with 64 optimized presets and a bright, screaming sound. Perfect for when you need to save a bit of CPU, or use other performance and effects processors.

MONO-DELAY: The stereo delay provided with MONO has a warm feedback filter that allows for high feedback settings with an analog-style roar. An excellent creative delay with ease-of-use at its core.

MONO-DISTFILT: Take the "draw-your-own" distortion/waveshaper, add the state-variable filter, and you have a sonic munger useful for almost any hard-edged music. Since the waveshaper bit-reduces everything to 8-bit, you can make almost any "smooth" sound harsher and brighter.

POLY-MINI: By removing the PolyArp and effects from the main POLY instrument, POLY-MINI reduces the CPU load on your host system while still providing 64 "best-of" presets from POLY.

POLY-CHORUS: The chorus effect in POLY is particularly warm, and has been provided as a standalone chorus effect with simple controls and that just-right sound.

POLY-LFO: Another "modulator" effect, POLY-LFO uses POLY's natural LFO-Designer to modulate any Mode (or Pluggo) parameter. Tired of "same-old" triangle LFO shapes? Use the 6-step sequencer and smoothing controls to get a wealth of interesting but musical waveform moving your faders.

SPIN-DELAY: Using SPIN's 32nd-note clock, SPIN-DELAY allows you to clock a simple but effective delay to any note value from 1/32nd to 4 measures. Brutally effective for interweaving lead lines and keyboard comps.

SPIN-DIST: One overdrive circuit + one bit-reduction effect = a wide variety of distorting effects. Only two sliders, but a killer distortion tool.

SPIN-FILTER: Combining SPIN's effective clocking system with a smooth state-variable filter gives you everything from warbling tremolo to faux phasing effects. Especially effective when combined with SPIN-DELAY (clocked at a different step-length), you can use these tools to create your custom Vortex of Doom.

SPIN-PAN: A simple auto-panner clocked with SPIN's clocking mechanism, SPIN-PAN can add life to almost any track.

SPIN-SEQ: When is a gapper more than a gapper? When each step is a volume control rather than an on/off switch. You can use SPIN-SEQ to do everything from re-accenting drum loops to pulsing pads in sync with your song. Incredibly versatile, and a lot of fun.

WASH-1CHAN: Sometimes WASH might be a bit much for what you need. In that case, WASH-1CHAN gives you a single delay line with feedback locking, sound-on-sound recording and a tap tempo delay setup for any delay time between 1 ms and 10 seconds.

By allowing you to mix-and-match instrument engines and effects from the various Mode plug-ins, you have unrivaled flexibility in creating your sound in your way.

System Requirements

Mode for Windows requires

  • A Windows machine equipped with a 1 Ghz P3 or better (a 2.0 Ghz P4 or equivalent is recommended). An ASIO-compatible sound card is recommended for optimium audio performance.
  • A sequencer application that hosts VST or RTAS plug-ins.
  • Windows XP (Home or Pro)
  • At least 256 MB of memory, although the exact amount depends on the system version and the host sequencer you're using.
  • At least 50MB of hard disk space
Mode for the Macintosh requires
  • A Macintosh equipped with a G3 processor running at 500 Mhz or faster is recommended.
  • A sequencer application that hosts VST, RTAS, or Audio Units plug-ins.
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • At least 256 MB of memory, although the exact amount depends on the system version and the host sequencer you're using.
  • At least 55MB of hard disk space
Changes since v1.1:

* AU support for updated for Logic 7; mode.poly updated for Logic 7.
* Preset format of mode.poly has changed: saved presets in songs may be affected.
* Windows compatibility release.