High level modular design lets you split, layer and chain instruments and effects with MIDI and audio connections. energyXT includes an easy to use arpeggiator/step sequencer and a chord component that can be placed anywhere in your MIDI chain.

Advanced sequencer with MIDI and audio. Folder tracks for grouping and saving screen space. Envelope tracks for sample accurate automation of any VST param and mixer. Cool features like multi out VST freeze, ghost clips and marker tracks for fast arranging, navigation and zooming

MIDI and audio can be 'grooved' in real-time and the level modulated by cc. Groove is per track in the sequencer and can be layered. Have one groove add shuffle, another work on velocity and a third modulate the note length in real-time. Includes modes for No overlap and Legato.

Almost everything in energyXT can be set by a color or bitmap. Included is a GUI editor with copy/paste between energyXT and your favorite image editor. Check out the available skins in the Resource section.

Advanced Piano roll editor with integrated event list. "One mode" design lets you edit fast and there are shortcuts for transpose, resize, move and velocity adjustments. The intregrated step record option lets you record and edit your music like a spreadsheet with arrow keys, Ins and Del.

Browse the energyXT forum over at K-v-R. The community has lots of advanced users willing to help out. Many of the features and improvements implemented in energyXT comes from discussions over there.

The performer in the MIDI Part comp can be set up to trigger MIDI sequences by MIDI notes or MIDI cc. Featuring play and mute groups, multiple sequences can easily be played, layered and muted live with your MIDI keyboard.

The MIDI envelope doesn't only send out ultra smooth cc changes, but can also be routed to any VST param loaded in energyXT.