MiniHost updated to v1.6.1

MiniHost is a powerful and full-fledged ASIO host that loads a VST plugin (instrument
or effect) and processes it in realtime. It offers many features that similar programs
don't have. Here are just some of them:

- send MIDI data to VST plugins from external MIDI inputs, a resizable virtual MIDI
keyboard, the computer keyboard or MIDI files

- process ASIO inputs or a WAV file

- record audio output to WAV (16 and 32 bit)

- browse through the presets

- included preset manager, allows easy organisation of all presets

- included preset randomizer with script support and mutate option

- drag n' drop support

- support for VST MIDI plugins that generate MIDI data


  • Improved handling of MIDI inputs.
  • VSTSpy improved, now a separate thread, faster and more reliable plugin scanning process.
  • Some SynthEdit plugins would use up 100% cpu - fixed.
  • Overall speed improvements.
  • Some tiny memory leaks fixed.
  • Some more bug fixes.
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