Plogue Bidule v0.8 released

The brainchild of Plogue Art et Technologie, Bidule is a cross-platform application that is gaining recognition world-wide as the new standard in modular music software

New Features:

* You can now use your USB joysticks, mouse, keyboard and other HID devices as MIDI controllers and parameter sources: see Misc/HID Data Extractor(DX9 on Windows is HIGHLY suggested, DX8 is however the minimum no extras are needed on Mac OS X)
* Mediapool now shows more Audio file details, including bpm, bars, beats and includes whole new tabs for MIDI and PVOC files!
* New and improved Audio File Looper with graphical loop points editing, variable number of beats/bars, meter adaption and time stretching (old looper has been renamed to Boboche Looper)

New Modules:

* 12, 14, 16, 24 and 32 channels Audio File Player
* 12, 14, 16, 24 and 32 channels Audio File Recorder
* Mono Dither (just duplicate by hand for the number of channels you want)
* HID Data Extractor
* MIDI Activity
* MIDI Aftertouch Creator
* MIDI Aftertouch Extractor
* MIDI Aftertouch Filter
* MIDI Multi Aftertouch Remapper
* MIDI Aftertouch Transposer
* MIDI Channel Pressure Creator
* MIDI Channel Pressure Extractor
* MIDI Channel Pressure Filter
* MIDI Multi Channel Pressure Remapper
* MIDI CC Transposer
* MIDI File Looper
* MIDI Message Remapper
* MIDI Note Extractor 2
* MIDI Pitchbend Creator
* MIDI Pitchbend Extractor
* MIDI Multi Program Change Remapper
* MIDI Program Change Filter
* MIDI Program Change Transposer
* MIDI Stack
* MIDI Switcher 2 ports
* Sync to MIDI Clock
* MIDI Time Delta
* MIDI Voice Counter
* 4 and 16 mono channels Mixer
* 4, 8 and 16 stereo channels Mixer
* Parameter Modulator (Relative)
* Pulse
* Spectral File Looper
* Spectral Inverter
* Spectral Sustain
* Stack
* Sync Transport


* Accum : changed the higher bounds input to be exclusive, please change your layouts accordingly
* AU : added support for Cocoa UIs
* Audio File Player : added loop mode
* Audio File Recorder/Audio Buffer: added option to save in either wave or aiff instead of forcing the platform's preferred format
* Basic Audio Buffer: added Interpolation parameter
* Basic Audio Buffer: added distinct Record position input, please change your layouts accordingly
* Indexed Value List: changed Index input to be 0-based for consistency, please change your layouts accordingly
* Mediapool : added extra info on audio file
* MIDI Monitor : add events one by one in the window instead of by block
* Noise : added HP Tri noise type
* Parameter Properties Dialog : added display of increment value
* Patchbay : Paste from the context menu now pastes at the mouse position
* Spectral Freeze : can now save to file
* VST Bridge : added MIDI output to the host
* VST Bridge : added OS X version
* Windows : you can now have multiple versions of Bidule installed

Bug Fixes:

* Application : possible crash if groups cache file is corrupted
* Application : import causing crashes with some layouts
* Application : some undo operations could fail depending on your regional options
* AU : some AUs crashing when starting processing
* AU : some AUs windows not resizing properly
* AU : scanning fails on MusicDevices with a flexible configuration
* Audio File Granulator : crashes upon certain settings
* Buffer Granulator : crashes upon certain settings
* Groups : parameters exported to group sometimes don't update their enable/disable status correctly
* Groups : re-saving a group with a displayPath doesn't change the displayPath
* MIDI File Player : some files not looping correctly
* MIDI Step Sequencer: settings saved on one platform might not work on the other
* OS X : main window title bar could appear under the menu bar
* OS X MIDI Ouput: some MIDI events aren't sent properly for some interfaces
* OS X VST : keys aren't received by some plug-ins
* Presets : some bidules have parameters that reset to 0 when using presets
* ReWire : looping sections inside a ReWire device sometimes causes weird results
* Patchbay : current zoom isn't taking into account when adding bidules through drag and drop
* Spectral To MIDI : the threshold parameter doesn't have any effect
* Trigger : the send trigger parameter doesn't behave properly through parameter linking
* Windows : failure to open a MIDI port isn't reported