Sonic Reality and Propellerheads present Sonic Refills for Reason 3

Sonic Reality is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Propellerheads, the makers of Reason, to launch our Sonic Refills product line for Reason 3. Sonic Reality, who has contributed to the new Factory Sound Bank for Reason 3, is updating its series of Reason Refills in honor of Reason 3's launch on March 10th . The first three titles have been officially released to celebrate the landing of Reason 3. They are:

* Sonic Refills vol. 11 Retro Keys
* Sonic Refills vol. 19 Vocal Textures
* Sonic Refills vol. 20 Mello-T

These three titles are available for purchase from now (boxed versions), and are available for download only from the Propellerheads website. Additional Sonic Refill titles will become available in the very near future…stay tuned!

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  1. Nice review on one of many Reason Refills that are out there! I love the DMS refills and I'm starting to have a booming collection for all my music producing needs!


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