Subminimal Pseudograins to v1.0.5

Pseudograins is a bizarre little sample mangler. In a sense it is a pseudo granulator with a built in hex based step sequencer. It's for dorks like me, who enjoy seeing what happens when you experiment!


  • New sync mode for sub loop. Locked resets loop when main loop steps, or 'free' runs freely.
  • Hermite interpolation added.
  • Added Attack/Release Offset params - can be used to shift start level for an envelope.
  • Fixed calculation error in ADSHRs.
  • Output #2 outputs current envelope value (connect it to something like S(M)exoscope.
  • Modulator component added (can modulate pitch and volume with custom %'s for each step).
  • Percentage based and sample based ADSHRs.
  • Fixed crash when loading wav during playback.
  • Rest notes in HexSequencer (use: '-').
  • 32 steps now possible in HexSequencer (0-9,A-V).
  • Trigger Main Loop slices via MIDI.
  • Parameter lists reconfigured more conveniently for hosts that improperly display "hidden" params.
  • Fixed bug restoring params from saved state.
  • Improved button response .
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