SynthFont v0.9.9.6 released

What is SynthFont?
SynthFont is a tool for playing MIDI files making use of SoundFonts. With SynthFont you do not need any particular sound card. In fact, if you only want to render audio files ("WAV" files) you don't even need a sound card. SynthFont makes it easy to assign different SoundFonts to difference MIDI channels.

New features:

  • The Playback range can now alternatively be set using bars and beats.
  • MIDI bank and program numbers can be display using the range 1..128 instead of the intrinsic range 0..127. See Setup.
  • Default loading of previous file can be deferred by pressing SHIFT while program starts. You can also permanently switch this on/off in Setup.

Bug fixes:

  • A few minor bugs fixed
  • The inbuilt Explorer and the file open dialogs did not work correctly when Windows was set to hide file extensions.