Arturia minimoog V v1.5

From their homepage:

Update 1.5 ? What's new ?

Since the first release of the minimoog V, we had it foremost in our mind to make a playable instrument rather than a technical tool. Since then we have gone to great lengths to listen to all remarks and advice from users, journalists, experts and officianados. We took every comment very carefully into consideration and used that to create an emulation that's better than ever.

While keeping the ease of use and the musicality already loved by the users of the Minimoog V, we improved some details and refined the application of TAE to the Minimoog V, to be even closer to the original minimoog. Now with the minimoog V version 1.5, you can be sure to have the the most intuitive and musical Minimoog emulation available on the market today.
Here is a high-level view of the changes we've made:

Filter: The filter has the same sharp and precise sound as before, but now it is more agile and responds to envelopes and modulations faster than before. FM modulation on the filter is a good place to exploit this improvement.

Oscillator: Square pulse width is now of 48 % by default, to be closer to the original, because most of the original Minimoog has an average pulse width of 48 %. You can tune the pulse width of the Minimoog V as before to 50 %, and the presets made with previous versions won't change.

The ramp/triangle and triangle waveforms are now nearly indistiguishable form the original Minimoog. The pulse width modulation on these waveforms has also been extended. The Pulse Width Modulation on the ramp/triangle and triangle waveforms is an unique feature on the market, only possible with the minimoog V. It produces a very particular and sweet sound, especially on the ramp/triangle waveform.

Unison mode : this mode is now more musical, with some fine-tuned inter-oscillator drifts to produce a fatter and larger sound, more trut to the original.

Efficiency: Now you can use FM and soft clipping without taking exhorbitant CPU cycles, which now allows you to achieve complex sounds without freezing your computer !!

Thanks to TAE®, Arturia's proprietary technology for emulating analog circuits, the minimoog V offers an unrivaled quality of sound. Sharp filters, aliasing-free oscillators, soft-clipping guarantee you have the best analog emulation on the market.

Benefit from the experience of the best sound designers

The minimoog V comes loaded with more than 500 presets made by a selection of talented sound designers and world-renowned musicians, showing off its classic sound and extended features, instantly bringing new dimensions to your musical palette. Homepage