ConcreteFX Granite 3.0

Granite3 can create vintage drum machines drum sounds and effects using both it's built in oscillators and 16 bit wav samples.

- Granite3 uses kits each composed of 8 drum presets with the ability to load/save/copy and paste sounds to create your own kits.

- Each midi note has it's own property , such as output channel , choke group, volume , pitch , filter frequency and speed

- Each drum preset uses two general purpose oscillators and a noise oscillator . Each oscillator can use either the 22 built in basic waves / samples or your own .wav samples.

- Each oscillator has it's own 12/24 db low/high/band pass/band reject/ring mod/ comb filter, and frequency & ring modulation., with built in distortion

- Each drum preset has it's own decimator effect to further alter the sound.

- The drum preset's parameters can be controlled using vari-slope envelope and veriable number of repeats .

- More than 200preset and a full manual are included with Granite3

Granite 3 is available from $37/€29/£20. Homepage