energyXT v1.3 released

Expand your host...or go with the full blown standalone application...

High level modular design lets you split, layer and chain instruments and effects with MIDI and audio connections. energyXT includes an easy to use arpeggiator/step sequencer and a chord component that can be placed anywhere in your MIDI chain.
Advanced sequencer with MIDI and audio. Folder tracks for grouping and saving screen space. Envelope tracks for sample accurate automation of any VST param and mixer. Cool features like multi out VST freeze, ghost clips and marker tracks for fast arranging, navigation and zooming
MIDI and audio can be 'grooved' in real-time and the level modulated by cc. Groove is per track in the sequencer and can be layered. Have one groove add shuffle, another work on velocity and a third modulate the note length in real-time. Includes modes for No overlap and Legato.
Almost everything in energyXT can be set by a color or bitmap. Included is a GUI editor with copy/paste between energyXT and your favorite image editor. Check out the available skins in the Resource section.
Advanced Piano roll editor with integrated event list. "One mode" design lets you edit fast and there are shortcuts for transpose, resize, move and velocity adjustments. The intregrated step record option lets you record and edit your music like a spreadsheet with arrow keys, Ins and Del.
Browse the energyXT forum over at K-v-R. The community has lots of advanced users willing to help out. Many of the features and improvements implemented in energyXT comes from discussions over there.
The performer in the MIDI Part comp can be set up to trigger MIDI sequences by MIDI notes or MIDI cc. Featuring play and mute groups, multiple sequences can easily be played, layered and muted live with your MIDI keyboard.
The MIDI envelope doesn't only send out ultra smooth cc changes, but can also be routed to any VST param loaded in energyXT.


* Multi-take audio loop recording.
* MIDI/audio/envelope part content can now be stretched in sequencer by holding down the shift key while resizing.
* Live triggering of arrangements in sequencer. Arrs can be organized in "playgroups", and arrs as well as tracks can be turned on/off individually inside a playgroup. Trigger by MIDI, PC keyboard or mouse, with "learn" function on MIDI notes and keyboard shortcuts. 4 triggering modes: note toggle, note hold, CC knob and CC slider. Tempo can be changed by CC in real-time.
* New Rendering window with render to file, new audio track, overwrite audio track or replace audio track. Options to split per track and render selection only. Supports any sample rate at 16, 24 or 32-bit resolution. Use Ctrl+R to open new render window.
* Freeze per MIDI/audio track, with or without insert FX. Support for multi-out freeze so that volume, pan, mute and solo can be changed also after freeze. You can even freeze per MIDI channel using multi-timbral VSTs. Use Ctrl+F to freeze selected track.
* New "multi" mode in sequencer that lets you playback many arrangements at the same time. Each arr can be set to playback 1) linear, 2) loop/repeat forever or 3) by pattern/playlist.
* An arrangement can now have unlimited variations (of parts), sharing the same track setup.
* Multi-select comps in main window, as well as select/move comps with arrow keys (using ctrl key to move).
* Export MIDI file support in sequencer.
* Replace VSTS, inserts and sends.
* Use ctrl+mouse to trigger MIDI learn (used to be mouse middle-click only).
* Support for fractional tempo in sequencer, ctrl-click or double-click tempo to enter value manually.
* Use ctrl+i to invert selection all editors.
* Dry/wet control on insert fx in sequencer.
* Support for audio part ghost copies.
* Glue audio parts.
* Import/export single MIDI parts in sequencer comp (right-click MIDI track for menu).
* Envelope clips now use true 32-bit values when routed to vst params and volume automation (used to be same resolution as MIDI CC ).
* When slicing audio clips a 7ms fade in/out will be added to the resulting clips.
* Audio clips in sequencer now with optional fade in/out.
* In-track vertical zoom on audio tracks, including "Auto zoom" option (enabled by default).
* Added rec.mode to tracks in sequencer: Off (no recording), Auto (if track selected) and Man (if track armed).
* Added predefined patterns to Note-composer in MIDI editor.
* One MIDI out port is now added to the sequencer by default.
* Adding a sequencer comp now will also add an audio connection from masterIn comp automatically.
* Ctrl+e to open editor of selected comp(s) in main window.
* Sequencer audio out no longer has to be connected when only using it for MIDI playback/recording.
* Optional vertical auto-zoom in audio editor.
* Pressing Home key will now go to end off arrangement instead of end of loop.
* Audio events can now be moved with ctrl+arrow keys when in-track editing.
* Option to save only active part in MIDI Part comp.
* Far less audio clicks/pops on sequencer start/stop and loop.
* You can now resize the height of tracks while in in-track editing mode.
* You can now dock Mixer, Envelope, MIDIPatcher and MIDIChs comp.
* Anti-aliased lines can now be turned off in inifile, add aalines=0 to the [layout] section.
* New skin items: va_bkgnd_left and va_bkgnd_right.
* 'Save all' in Sampler comp.
* 'Save all' in MIDI part comp.
* Undo MIDI file import.
* Last used snap value in sequencer is now saved.
* Shift + up/down to go to prior/next arrangement.
* Multi-track MIDI recording in sequencer, up to 16 tracks at the same time.
* Using mouse to select parts will now toggle selection if the shift key is pressed.
* Optional MIDI preview button on MIDI tracks in sequencer, more than one track can now be played back at the same by using multiple MIDI channels.
* Rename multi in sampler.
* Note previewing while editing in Sequencer and MIDI part comp (shortcut p to toggle on/off).
* Added Recent projects button to main toolbar.
* Unused samples in sampler comp can now be deleted.
* The New button/templates on the main toolbar was moved to the open button dropdown.
* You can now resize the beginning of MIDI and audio parts without moving the events inside it.
* Option for metronome only on count-in.
* Envelope track output CC can now be set on the track (when in edit mode).
* Resize track width in sequencer.
* Minimum part length can now be as low as 1 tick (used to be a 16h).
* Monitor on/off button per audio tracks.
* New GUI item ic_monitor.
* Snap now down to 128th notes.
* Audio events are now cut off at the end of the audio part.
* Ctrl + return, play song from first selected part.
* Ctrl + drag SMF in sampler now without ctrl key (just click and drag the button).
* The mouse cursor will now indicate when you are about to resize parts and events.
* Added "Save as" to main toolbar.
* Removed "External sync" menu item, set tempo to "Ext" instead (see Master section in sequencer).
* Will now remember last click wav.
* New parts are now named after the track they are created in.
* In-track drag-zoom button on MIDI tracks.
* In-track vertical zoom per MIDI track in sequencer.
* Added "Move to folder -> New" in sequencer.
* Support for default part color on each track in the sequencer.
* Tab key now cycles between docked windows inside a page.
* Move/copy/resize parts and events with absolute or relative snap in sequencer.
* Changed main mixer shortcut to F7, will then work from any window/page.
* Double-click zoom button for zoom-all.
* Added center/helper lines in CC view.
* Alt+click to split audio parts and events in sequencer.
* Spacebar will now toggle playback on/off in sequencer.
* Save as now updates the recent song list.
* Unsaved audio recordings are now delete from disk.
* Added zoom buttons to toolbar in sequencer, MIDI- and audio editor.
* Fixed bug with deleting audio outputs from sampler when loaded into sequencer.
* Fixed bug with mono-voice-mode sample clips in sampler.
* Fixed note-off bug when stopping playback in the middle of a note in the MIDI part comp.
* Fixed note preview bug in MIDI part comp.
* Adding audio inputs to eXT VST when using it as send in the sequencer would crash, now fixed.
* Metronome in main window now plays back at the correct sample rate.
* Files saved in VST version had smaller window size in SA, fixed.
* Fixed problem with playing mono files in sequencer.
* Fixed solo bug with audio parts in sequencer.
* Delete docked VST then select the dock page would crash, now fixed.
* Fixed bug with changing buffer size (could crash insert fx in sequencer).
* Added denormal check on the samplers built in delay.
* Changing vst program didn't update display name in all editors, now fixed.
* VST preset generator window can now be resized.
* CC map window can now be resized.
* Copy arp pattern didn't include Q value, fixed.
* Fixed, audio events couldn't be moved across audio channels in sequencer.
* Skin, new GUI item ic_zoom.