Native Instruments SYNTHETIC DRUMS 2

The SYNTHETIC DRUMS 2 Sample Library Is Now Available

Recharge your sample energy with the latest sample library packed full of the most up-front beats. This collection is a stunning assortment of drum and percussion samples perfectly suited for all styles of electronica. The 36 kits have been produced to the highest of standards by an incredible line up of international artists representing all the electronic dance genres. There are sound examples for every kit in the new sound player, top right of the screen.

Inspired by the overwhelming success of the SYNTHETIC DRUMS 1, Native Instruments has produced a further sample library packed full with amazing, electronic drum kits. Native Instruments was successful in hiring the services of renowned, international artists from various electronic genres to produce this eclectic collection of kits. The result is a selection of 36 unique and contemporary drum kits with more than 2000 samples that instantly distinguish themselves from other drum sample libraries.

Synthetic Drums 2

All of the drum kits included in SYTHETIC DRUMS 2 were produced by internationally-renowned producers. Native Instuments would like to thank the following artists for their incredible contribution to the SYNTHETIC DRUMS 2 sample collection:

Speedy J/Funkarma, Telefon Tel Aviv, Lusine, Chris Liebing, Funkstörung, Eden, Jake Mandell, Freeform, Plaid, Richard Devine, Simon Pyke, Smyglyssna, Kai Tracid, Atom Heart, Señor Coconut, Murcof, Bob Humid, Sutekh, Einoma, Junkie XL, Exile, Dan Curtin, MRI, Andrew Phillpott/Christian Eigner, Pendulum, Rob Acid, Âme.

SYNTHETIC DRUMS 2 offers a huge selection of inspiring sounds. From earth-shuddering bass samples and snares that cut straight through the mix to effects that instantly capture the imagination, this collection encompasses an extremely wide range of electronic styles. Whether House or Hiphop, IDM or UKG, Techno or Trance, R'n'B or D'n'B, Old School or Nu Skool – SYNTHETIC DRUMS 2 has its finger on the pulse.

The over 2400 samples have all been produced exclusively for Synthetic Drums 2. A huge arsenal of equipment was used to create the sounds. The samples themselves were subjected to a lengthy production process involving numerous effects, filters, ring modulators, compressors, frequency shifters, granular samplers and so on. All of the producers were given complete artistic freedom, resulting in an extremely varied and individual set of kits. Every kit also has a short demo sound-clip that has been produced exclusively with the samples from that kit. A MIDI file is also included, offering an insight into how the clip was arranged.

The 36 drum kits have all been optimized for use with BATTERY 2 and KONTAKT, making heavy use of the varied sound processing features such as filters, loops, velocity, effects and modulation. The results are extremely diverse and distinctive sounds that can be quickly trimmed to individual needs in BATTERY 2 and KONTAKT. All the samples are included in 24-bit / 44.1 KHz WAV format. To give an overview of what is available, SYNTHETIC DRUMS 2 also contains special kits that group all the bass drums, all the snares, all the toms and so on into individual kits.

Top Features

- 36 electronic drum kits for BATTERY 2 and KONTAKT 1 or 2

- More than 2400 drum and percussion samples

- Produced by famous artist from different musical genres

- Excellent 24-bit/44.1 KHz sound quality

- Particularly well suited to electronic music styles

- Every kit has a demo clip including the relevant MIDI file

- All kits are available in the BATTERY 2 ".kt2" and KONTAKT ".nki" formats

System Requirements

- Mac OS 10.2.6, 256 MB RAM
- Windows, 256 MB RAM

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