Yellow Tools Candy

After a development time of several years we are more than proud to release after Culture and Majestic the third member of our Modular Virtual Instruments family.
With nearly 9GB of sound samples Candy is by far the most extensive soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxophone collection of the world. The instruments were recorded with more detail and precision than never before. If all available playing techniques and their dynamic layers and variations are used, your performance will select from 30 different samples per note, or even more.
In addition, the instruments were sampled playing their maximum dynamic range. This variety makes possible saxophone performances of such high quality that they can be used in the most demanding, professional contexts. Candy is not hard to use, though, the MVI engine remains nevertheless intuitive and easy to play. The 4 different variations of the same tone of a note can be selected during the performance automatically.

Candy is unique in content, playability and sound quality and is a further milestone in the development of sample-based acoustic instruments.

Shortly after the Musikmesse we will offer first audio demos of Candy on our website, so stay tuned!

For some MAC OS X users the Candy 1.0.0 installer on the DVD is not working with their setup. In case that you should also have problems getting the installer started from the Candy DVD you can download the OS X installer update 1.0.1 version after your registration in our User Area.


    * Highly optimized engine for low CPU load.
    * Powerful MIDI processing incl. keyswitch option.
    * Flexible and intuitive handling of multis, layers and single keygroups.
    * Up to 16 audio outputs.
    * Simultaneous use of up to 8 different layers.
    * Hundreds of stunning single and multi patches using over 10,000 samples.
    * Intelligent polyphony management: protection of the natural release of the instruments and also the adjustment of voice usage per layers and notes to save CPU power.
    * Basic and pro editor mode.