Analog Box v2.3.4

Analog Box is a low level, circuit based, modular software synthesizer. You put sound objects on the screen, connect them together, listen and adjust. When you find something you like, you can record it to a wav file, or just save the circuit and play it again later.

ABox is somewhat like the vintage synth's of the '70's in that there are separate modules with lots of patch cords, knobs, buttons and displays. But you also get the computational ability offered by modern CPU's. Features like FFTs, Differentials and Digital Control open up realms of sound design never dreamt of before. With the advanced capabilities offered by VSTi, USB/HID, MIDI and DirectShow you could conceivably play your favorite video soundtrack through a plugin adusted by a glove controller.

With ABox2, editing virtual circuitry has never been easier. Get objects from the palette, put them where you want, connect them however you like. Adjust parameters using one click popup panels then move on. No questions asked. Make a mistake ? Hit Undo, all fixed. Like that section of circuitry ? Clone it, now you have another one. Really like that section of circuitry ? Group it together, create a new object. Now you can paste it anywhere. "Virtual components do not explode when you overload them."
Interested ? Explore the rest of the site, then try the demo. The gallery has several dozen circuits, both by myself and by others. You can download the examples and radically adjust them, hours of fun. Or peruse the help section, it will tell you just about everything ABox has to offer. There is a series of tutorials that explain various concepts. The library provides various modules to suit your sound design and sequencing needs. ABox version 1 is also still available.


Added text file reading and writing through the file object.
The WaveWriter now appends data to existing files instead of erasing them.
Prevent pasting while connecting pins.
Increased UnRedo buffer size.
Fixed: Editing bugs in the diffsystem and equation editor.
Fixed: Oscillator error with no frequency connected.