Basement Arts Frantic filter v1.0 (Win)

After nearly 2 years of development the Basement Arts team is proud to present Frantic Filter. Frantic introduces an analogue sounding dedicated filter into the modern digital production environment. The VST-PlugIn, modeled after such famous analogue legends as the Korg MS20, Oberheim Xpander, OSC Oscar, Sherman Filterbank and the classic Moog Filter, sets a new standard in digital signal processing.

But Frantic is more than an awesome sounding filter. Features such as Filter Separation inspired by the lovely Oscar, gives your sounds that creamy delicate sound as well as offering more filter combinations than the original. Basements Arts has combined the various classic filters with an interface which will have new
and experienced sound designers alike producing amazing sounds in no time.

The easy-to-use interface offers the user basic modulations as well as allows one to perform complex audio surgery via the central modulation matrix. The matrix features a tricky shape X with Y feature that was inspired by the Crumar Spirit and offers access to some unique stereo modulations of the 2 true stereo filters.

Frantic Features:
- Dual true stereo filters with serial/parallel modes
- 40 filter-modes with over 800 possible filter-combinations
- Filter closely modeled after analogue legends like Korg MS20, Oberheim Xpander, OSC Oscar and Minimoog
- Filter-Separation inspired by the Oscar
-10 fixed musical filter-offset intervals
- Unique stereo modulation features
- 10 slot Modulation Matrix with over 50 sources, over 75 destinations and unique shaping feature inspired by the Crumar Spirit
- Pre and post Distortion with lo/hi cut filters
- Samplerate Reduction and Bitcrusher pre/post filter
- 3 VCAs
- 4 syncable superfast LFOs with uni/bi polar and double/half tempo clones
- 2 MIDI-Keytrack modules
- 2 Envelope Followers
- 4 MIDI-Envelopes
- Variable oversampling with 24bit 192K compatibility
- MIDI-Controller support with easy Learn feature



  1. Anonymous04:32

    i have been playing as much as i can with the filter frantic using live as a host... it is a must have for a computer musicians virtual studio...

  2. Sounds nice!
    Haven't tried it though...
    Sounds good for my kind of music.


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