Blue Cat Releases New 7-Band Parametric EQ Plug-In

The latest Windows plug-in from Blue Cat offers 7 bands of parametric equalization with instant visual preview of the overall frequency response.


* DX and VST support on Windows platforms
* 2 shelving filters (Low/High) and 5 Boost/Cut Band filters (all based on existing analog models)
* Smooth Update
* Low CPU usage (less than 6% CPU on Athlon 2200+ machine)
* Mouse wheel, arrow keys and right-click support (default value).
* Up to +/- 40dB gain and from 0.01 to 5 Octave bandwith, for frequencies from 20 to 20000 Hz
* No extra latency
* Fully WYSIWYG: the graph shows the exact computed frequency response of the filter.
* Randomize features: choose to randomly set the bandwidth, frequencies or gain separately.

A demo version is available for download.
Introductory price is 10 Euro. The plug-in will cost 15 Euro after June 20th. Homepage