DashSignature EVE ONE (incl. FREE version)

EVE ONE, a Virtual Instrument for the Windows Platform available in VSTi format.

EVE ONE is one of the most powerful and simple virtual instrument ever created aimed to reproduce vintage sounds. EVE One has been designed to provide you a high sound quality, thanks to the industry standard vintage sample library available for EVE, a very low CPU overhead and an extremely easy to set-up instruments.
EVE ONE has been designed by experienced musicians and software developers, to provide the playability of an hardware synthesizer supporting natively the expression pedal, the after-touch and the modulation wheel controls, and giving the maximum efficiency and the maximum sound quality at the same time!

One of the most amazing features of this synthesizer is, aside the sound quality of the DashSound library, is the power of setting up the instruments in seconds.
Sometimes musicians and producers require a very well known sound, and browsing through thousand of presets is a painful process. Despite its simplicity EVE ONE can be set-up in seconds by selecting the sound you want and the sampler set-up using the SoundWizard feature.

The SoundWizard simply sets up all the parameters of the insturment in one click to approximate the sound you want, and then with some minor adjustments you will get the right sound! Sounds too easy? It is!
EVE One is more than a sample player. It offers a dedicated DSP section containing several vintage sounding effects such as a multimode overdrive/bit degrader, a 4 stages phaser, a tremolo and an a musically tuned multimode echo unit.

List of multisamples bundled with EVE ONE:
CP 70B
D6 Clavinet
Rhodes 73 MK I
Suitcase 88
Mellotron Strings
PE2000 Strings
Trident String Brass Combi
Vintage Strings O3
B3 Percussive Dry
CX Drawbar Set (4 versions)
Vox Continental C
Several analog waveforms
A complete Electro Drum Set


- Sound Wizard: macro preset system for easy sound programming.
- Multi-sample based oscillator, can load any DashSound (EVE and Knagalis) and Wusikstation SoundSet.
- Amplitude ADSR envelope with keytracking.
- Multi Mode Resonating Filter: LP, HP and HP, with ADSR envelope, keytracking, keyscaling, envelope modulation depth. The cutoff frequency can be controlled using the Modulation Wheel and Aftertouch MIDI messages.
- LFO with tempo sync, delay, and attack time, pitch and filter cutoff targets, amp target with gate mode.
- LFO modulation depth can be controlled using the Modulation Wheel and - Aftertouch MIDI messages.
- Polyphony up to 100 voices.
- Mono mode with true Legato and adjustable glide time and mode.
- Multi Mode Overdrive: Transistor, Tube, 12 bit DAC emulation.
- Vintage Phaser: Mono/Stereo, 4 stages.
- Vintage Tremolo.
- Echo: stereo delay effect with tempo sync and 3 tone modes.
- Limiter/Soft saturator.
- 100% skinable.