Drumcore 1.5 (PC/Mac)

DrumCore arose from a basic need to quickly create drum tracks while producing music in a recording studio. The "core" technology and content started as a project within Vulcan, Inc. (www.vulcan.com), Paul G. Allen's multi-faceted parent company.

Initially, it was a search engine designed to manage an extensive collection of loop libraries, solving the real-world needs of those who manage the recording facilities there. Dealing with massive loop libraries on a daily basis was difficult. Some audio files had spotty recording quality and/or performances, and all of them were rather "cryptically" organized. Trying to use both audio loops and MIDI drum sounds made things even harder, as it required multiple products with different interfaces and features. Add to this the laborious task of getting the content into the audio workstation, and you have the ultimate "necessity is the mother of invention" scenario.

Like other creative folks, we quickly wanted other features that would make it easier to create incredible drum tracks. DrumCore has since grown to include some of those features, such as:

* a collection of brilliant content by some of the world's best drummers
* export capabilities to popular audio workstation software
* a MIDI drum module and ReWire support for easier integration with other applications and audio hardware.

All this was designed to make it easier to get a groove happening so you can concentrate on music instead of fiddling with your computer.

You can use DrumCore to manage sample libraries other than those created by Submersible. It can be the "go-to" application for anyone who wants to organize their own audio and MIDI content and make it easier to use. It's also a perfect add-on for someone with ProTools, Logic, Digital Performer and other audio applications.

With great content, a product to fill a real production need, and the right mix of people, we can help anyone trying to find that ever-elusive, inspiring, "make-it-happen" groove.

Improved features in DrumCore 1.5 include:


This version allows for enhanced "drag export" from DrumCore to other applications that support drag and drop (like Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic and others). Audio can also be exported in a sequence to a track in Pro Tools. This means that each loop is exported directly after the previously exported loop. Building drum tracks has never been easier!


Now it is easier for you to develop your own drumkits in DrumCore using either DrumCore samples or your own sounds.


Now you can import "DrummerPacks". These add-on packs expand your DrumCore library and feature multiple tempos marked with metadata and arranged as GrooveSets. Just like all your other DrumCore content only more!

Matt Sorum, Sly Dunbar and Zoro DrummerPacks are now available.

AND…please let your PC friends know that DrumCore is now available for Windows too. Homepage