FabFilter Volcano filter plug-in

FabFilter Volcano is a versatile filter plug-in with many modulation options and, as you would expect, our unique digital filter technology that brings you the best filters you have ever heard.

Filter characteristics
Volcano has two independent filters with low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass responses, and 12/24/48 dB/oct slopes. You can choose between five different filter characteristics, from a smooth sounding filter with moderate overdrive to raw self-oscillating over-the-top madness! Of course, the award-winning FabFilter One filter characteristic is also included.

With the panning setting on both filters, you can adjust the filter balance on the left and right audio channels, creating cool stereo effects without phase problems.

Modulation options
The frequency, peak, and panning settings can be modulated in any way imaginable with the two LFOs and the triggered envelope generator. The LFOs have triangle and square wave forms and can be synchronized to the host tempo.

User interface
Tweak the filters with Volcano's interactive filter display that shows both filter curves and lets you drag them around. You can adjust them separately or both at the same time. The user interface is simple, modern, and easy to use, with large knobs that can be dragged up and down as well as turned around for precise adjustments.

MIDI learn
FabFilter Volcano works with any MIDI keyboard or controller. Within minutes, you can associate each of Volcano's parameters with any MIDI controller number, just by turning knobs in the user interface and on the controller.

Smart Parameter Interpolation
Changes to any of FabFilter Volcano's parameters are interpolated by smart algorithms, ensuring both responsiveness and smooth transitions. There are no annoying digital clicks and zipper effects, and even MIDI controller changes are handled perfectly smooth.

Platform-independent presets
FabFilter Volcano comes with a standard set of dozens of great presets and enables you to create and save your own presets. You can share your sounds with other users and the preset files are exactly the same on both Mac OS X and Windows.

Sample accuracy and high sample rates
Naturally, the FabFilter Volcano plug-in handles all parameter changes at sample accuracy and it can be used with arbitrary sample rates. All parameters are fully automatable within your favorite host or with MIDI controller messages (documented in the help file). We have optimized the plug-in for G4/G5 and Pentium III/IV processors to make sure it uses as little processing time as possible without compromising sound quality.

For Mac OS X and Windows
FabFilter Volcano is available for both Windows (VST) and Mac OS X (Audio Units and VST). FabFilter Volcano is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and Windows XP/2000/98/Me/2003.

Mac OS X requirements

OS X 10.3 (Panther) or higher
Audio Units host (such as Logic Audio or GarageBand) or
VST 2 host (such as Cubase or Tracktion)

Windows requirements

Windows XP/2000/98/Me/2003
VST 2 host