KarmaFX v0.87 beta

KarmaFX Plugin Pack
This page contains VST (Virtual Studio Technology) real-time plugins for use in music production. The plugin pack contains all KarmaFX plugins in one file ready to extract into your VST plugin folder. The plugins should work in any VST compatible host application. If you find these plugins useful please consider donating a small fee.


* SVF lost sound when turned off and then on, until cutoff was used. Fixed.
* GUI fix. Sometimes the modulation LEDs under knobs got lost at random when a patch was loaded.
* Fixed crash on systems with high latency. Max-latency is still 2048 samples though.
* A fix for the "tiny window bug" which appeared in Emagic's Logic has been added.
* Added support for resizing the window. User can choose between small (800x600) or large (1024x768). This is changed instantly in hosts that support dynamic window resizing. Otherwise it is changed the next time the synth is loaded. Setting is saved in the registry.
* Switching modulation module could cause other modules to freeze in polyphonic mode. Fixed.
* Poly12, Poly16 and Legato added to notepitch controller.
* Using multiple notepitch controllers in series or parallel should now work better.
* Some modules would trigger when initialized. Fixed.
* "Reverse" function added to the Sampler's pop-up menu.
* Retuned filter kybd tracking to be more aggressive.
* Added "Frequency" controller component. Sweep range is 14 octaves.
* Enabled knob-snap on knobs with integer ranges (e.g. note and octave).
* Opening, closing and reopening the synth could cause a blank VST window in some hosts. Fixed.
* Added MidiTrig modulator for velocity and note MIDI-signals.
* Added MidiData modulator for standard MIDI controller and pitchbend signals.
* Added some more patches.
* Added installer exe (NSIS).
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