Metro 6.3 pre-release

Metro is a fast-operating, easy-to-learn high-powered sequencer for the design of professional audio projects. It stands alone as a complete and integrated MIDI, audio and video production system.

The audio system supports up to 64 audio tracks. Each track can have its own effect chain. Eight aux busses are also supported. Each with their own chain. Chains can be made up of VST effects and/or AudioUnits (OS X only). VST 2.0 is supported. All effects can be automated. Real-time editing is encouraged. Software audio play-thru allows the original audio to be recorded regardless of what plug-ins are currently in use.

The MIDI system has been around since the 1980's and is the most versatile and stable product of its kind on any platform. Metro combines all the functionality expected from a professional Macintosh MIDI sequencer with a simplified interface and innovative ideas, such as the Rhythm Explorer™ and the algorithmic Note Spray Paint tool.This MIDI system has been updated to support CoreMIDI and VST technologies.

The video system uses Apple's QuickTime technology for recording, applying video effects and overlaying text.

Complex projects can now be completed simply and elegantly.

New Features:

* Improved Tiger compatibility.
* Archive menu has been changed to 'Track Operations' which now includes Freeze, Group Freeze, Thaw, Group and Ungroup Tracks.
* Freeze, Group Freeze, and Thaw. Freeze converts soft-synth (or audio) tracks and all of their automation into a single audio track and groups the original tracks. Freeze converts each soft-synth (or audio) track and all of their automation into a single audio track. Tracks are saved with a .frz extension.
* Prior to 6.3, MIX was rendering all soft-synths regardless of selection! After 6.3 only selected tracks will be included in the mix. This makes it more consistent with audio tracks.
* Playback Scrolling option called edit mode. When in edit mode windows will not change pages.
* Chord progressions. Progressions can be managed with the library functions save, delete and insert.
* Ultra Rhythm Explorer. This updated Rhythm Explorer will automatically create intelligent drum beats, bass lines and guitar rhythms. It also has the ability to insert notes, record multiple patterns to a track and even insert a random chord progression from your chord progression library.
* Group Tracks.
* Chord names are automatically parsed while typing in markers.
* Marker times are now quantized based on the note quantization settings when created.
* Markers can now be copied from the marker window and pasted (or merged) from any data window.
* Core Audio Device output names to are now written to Metro documents.
* The 4 cue points are now saved in each section.
* The jukebox now converts files to MP3, MP4, Ogg, etc. in the order they are displayed in the jukebox window.
* Setting track loops no longer requires playback to be stopped first.
* Rewire support for publishing tempo and time signature to rewire slaves.
* Chord within Markers are now transposable.
* The tracks contextual popup has been expanded to include more items such as 'Track Operations', 'Mix or Render', 'Export track' and more.