My own music making

I have not been making any music lately, but now I’m on it again!
I have been working on a track in 3 months, but have not been inspired until now. I have made different versions and have found something that I want to change with every new version of the track.

The latest version was almost perfect but after having listen to it many times in my MP3 player (Nomad Zen) I found some things that I want to change. So back to Ableton Live (I use version 3 because I don’t need Midi).

When I finish this track it means that I have around 40 minutes finished for my album that Databloem Records will release.
They want 50 minutes, so there is more to do.
I have a few unfinished tracks I’m working on too, so hopefully I will be finished with all the tracks for the album before my summer vacation.

I haven’t heard from Databloem for a while, so I hope they still want my music Smiling

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