Polarity GXStack Guitar Amplifier System

Inspired by the classic tube amps that defined the sound of rock, the GXStack VST is a custom-crafted tube amp collection for your digital audio workstation. From the gritty blues of late 50s "Tweed" era amps, to the high gain sustain of modern classics, GXStack contains 6 stunning amp models designed to deliver the most sought after amp sounds of all time. Painstakingly recreated by Polarity tone boffins, GXStack exploits our acclaimed physical modelling technology - real tubes and circuits!

Our rich sounding, dynamic amp models are joined in the GXStack by super-smooth reverb, warm stereo chorus and sparkling delay. All of this great tone from a rig that's as easy to use as your existing amp and stompboxes - no confusing parameters or baffling arrays of controls.

GXStack VST audio processing plugins are eminently suitable for real-time, live use on Windows-based digital audio software platforms such as Cubase, Sonar, Tracktion, and FL Studio. Zero-Latency - and it won't hog your CPU resources. Get the GXStack VST now at an introductory price of US$39.99, or download the trial version to test drive the tones right now (we'll ask you for an email address along the way).


Six stunningly authentic amp models with high-definition delay and chorus effects. Upcoming amp models and effects will be available for purchase for registered users. Click on the speaker icon to hear a short MP3 clip. Sound clips were recorded using single coil pickups, an M-Audio Delta 66 soundcard and Tracktion. No other software or hardware effects were used in the production of these clips. Windows VST right now, other platforms to follow.

Tweed Boy: when Muddy Waters invented electricity, this was the reason. A couple of 'classic 50s' Tweed amps collide in this model, designed to give you perfect 'boxy' tones for roots rock and dirty Texas blues. Grit, grind - glorious.

Deluxe 30: from sweet cleans to warm blues, the Deluxe 30 is based on a couple of Black Panel beauties we happened to have lying around. We paid special attention to the amount of gain available so you can move from lush cleans to those sought after 'just-on-the-edge' tones.

CrunchTone: no amp collection would be complete without our tip of the hat to the great British amps of the mid to late 60s. Inspiration for this one was a 45w gem, and a handful of classic vinyl!

Overdrive Custom: time to burn. For fat, warm overdriven leads and crunchy riffs, this distinctly US-flavoured model is a custom creating based on some of our favourite rock players. For maximum effect you'll need Lycra pants and a can of hairspray.

Bulldog 100: meet our fat, nasty, snarling Bulldog. We were trying to capture a monster Brit rock sound - and were rather pleased with the results. A pure Brit thoroughbred, but we suspect steroids may have been involved...

VT MetalHead: all out bombastic rock and metal tones are the preserve of the rectofried VT MetalHead.