SFXEngine Light version

SFXEngine is a modular sound creation tool for Windows. The software uses custom audio plug-ins called Engines to create sounds from scratch, or process existing sounds. Once contained in a project, sound effects can be batch rendered from the 32-bit internal resolution down to 16-bit stereo or mono wav files in a variety of bitrates.


- Custom designed audio plug-ins including four types of reverb.
- High Pass, Low Pass (x2), Band Pass, Band Exclude, High Shelf, Low - Shelf and Peaking filters.
- Graphical envelopes for every parameter.
- 32-Bit internal processing, with up to 8x oversampling and anti-alias filters.
- Twelve sequential audio Engines per sound.
- Render stereo or mono 16-bit wav files in 11025, 22050 or 44100hz.
- Auto trimming rendered output.
- Effects include Oscillator Sync for that classic 80's synthesizer sound, and Tuned Flange for robotic vocal processing.

SFXEngine light costs $20 and allows the creation of analogue sounds such as clicks, white noise explosions and bleeps. All of the engines and effects are included in the light version (including filters and reverbs) apart from the sample generators. Homepage