Smart Electronix Foorius 1.1

Foorius is a VSTi which allows you to explore and combine multiple synthesis methods in a single patch.

it features...
- 16 note polyphonic synthesis engine
- FM, AM, VA, Wave-sequencing and Noise Oscillators
- Loads of different filters including circuit modeled Analog filters
- Freely routable signals
- built in effects
- 20 LFO's and 20 128-point Envelope generators
- Advanced midi handling
- Unique GUI that moves beyond the "looks just like hardware" paradigm
- 80 patches to get you started
- Standalone version as well as VSTi version


* File paths for load and save now working properly.
* Nag delay reduced.
* Standalone version removed.
* Automation data now sent and received from host.
* GUI slow down fixed when sequencing.
* First and last envelope points movable in all envelopes except amplitude.
* Legato mode added for envelopes when in monophonic mode.
* Fingered Portamento option added.
* Quick Selectors for main page filter, envelope, LFO and scalar controls. Click and drag the A-D letter to select a different oscillator. Click and drag the title to change the modulation or filter type.
* MIDI learn function added.
* Copy and paste functions added to Wave sequence editor
* Interpolator added to Wave Sequence editor. Click the checkbox on the waves you want to interpolate between in the editor and then click interpolate. Foorius will interpolate the waves in between.
* New presets from LpD and Jck.
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