Spin Audio RoomVerb M2 v2.3

RoomVerb M2 is new SpinAudio reverb designed to deliver top-quality reverberation into native sound processing platform. It is based on Virtual Room Acoustic modeling technique that allows to simulate various acoustic spaces from small bath rooms to huge open spaces using a single set of parameters.

Rooms, plates, halls, gates, reverse reverbs, open spaces with up to 200 second long smooth tails, full tone control, air damping and walls material simulation, reverb tail modulation and a huge library of 260 ready-to-use presets crafted by working studio sound engineers are at your disposal!

Roomverb M2 produces naturally sounding reverberation, however you are not limited to it - you can create acoustic spaces that will sound completely artificial.

The plug-in is perfectly suited for any type of audio production when acoustic space simulation is needed from music recording to post production.

RoomVerb M2 has easy-to-use user interface based on skins technology. This means that plugin graphic, control types used to tune parameters, their placement is not hardcoded inside the plugin. Instead, it's defined in a special set of files called a skin. So you can switch between different skins. The alternative skins are posted in the skins section of the web site and can be downloaded and installed in addition to default skin shipped with the RoomVerb M2.

The plugin offers a flexible preset management system. It supports native presets (VST, DX, AU), and format independent: file presets and preset banks.

File presets allow to save plugin preset as file so that it can be transferred to other computer and bank presets are used to organize your presets in banks for easy and instant access.

To ease comparing adjustments made by plugin controls to the sound you can use A/B setup switch and copy buttons located on the plugin menu strip.

The list below outlines the main features of RoomVerb M2:

* Separately controlled room dimensions can vary from 1 to 200 meters
* Plate and Outdoor acoustic space simulation modes
* Flexible control of sound source and listener positions in a virtual room
* Soft\Hard bounce options for room's walls, floor and ceiling
* Diffuse control for simulation of irregular room shapes
* Up to 100 Early Reflections with 6 envelope types and reverse mode
* Reverberation time can vary from 200 milliseconds to 200 seconds
* Reverb tail Modulation with a choice of random LFOs
* Comprehensive tone control system that includes separate 3-band parametric equalizers for Early and Late reflections
* Separate frequency-dependant absorption simulation of air and room surfaces with a set of 35 preset materials included for audio post production
* Built-in Gate with True Stereo RMS Detection
* 260 ready-to-use factory presets
* Database based preset management system with categorial and keyword search


* Redesigned reverb engine that delivers greatly improved stereo image spatialization.
* Re-adjusted factory presets bank.
* 10 new factory presets added totaling 260 ready-to-use presets.
* Plug-in delay reporting (VST and AU, ready for Logic 7.1).
* Improved rendering synchronization.
* Mac: Spectral decorrelation now works correctly.
* Win: DSP engine optimization: up to 30% faster on Pentium IV systems.
* Other minor bug fixes.