SynthEdit beta version 0.990

SynthEdit is a Modular Synthesiser for Windows (Win 98 or better). With SynthEdit you can:
Design your own virtual synth or drum machine.

Make your own VST plugins.

Play it live via a MIDI keyboard.

Play it from a MIDI file.

Use VST Plugin instruments and effects. No restrictions on how you connect them.

Record/Play multi-channel audio to disk.

Play wave files.

Process live audio. (requires full-duplex soundcard).

SynthEdit is aimed at advanced users, but casual users can simply load a prefab or VST synth and play.

Changes since v0.959.9:

SDK - New opcode seGuiHostInvalidateRect.
Fixed bug when changing modules folder preference.
Soundfont modules - Bank number now saves correctly when List Entry module connected.
Fixed "Set up your MIDI ports" reminder.
Patch Mem Float - Fixed bug where changing Min or Max could screw up the stored value.
SDK - pin->SetValueText() now works on non-gui pins.
VST Mode - MIDI Patch Select now restricted to valid patches (as set during Save-as-VST).
Horizontal slider - Better image clipping.
SDK - OnMouseMove now works correctly within scrolled windows.
MIDI Learn - Fixed timeout bug.
Patch Mem - Text - File dialog now defaults to (*.*) not (*.).
MIDI-CV - Fixed stuck notes when switching to mono-mode.
BPM Clock - Pulse divide of 6 now available.
Bool to Enum - Fixed "Invalid Argument Error" on close in some unusual situations.
Fixed objects moving on open with DH RegControl in some situations.
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