SynthFont Version 0.998

What is SynthFont?
SynthFont is a tool for playing MIDI files making use of SoundFonts. With SynthFont you do not need any particular sound card. In fact, if you only want to render audio files ("WAV" files) you don't even need a sound card. SynthFont makes it easy to assign different SoundFonts to difference MIDI channels.

New features:

* In VSTSynthFont, added a feature where you can set the same MIDI channel for two or more tracks for note events. The presets will not change. Use this to create layered sounds.
* You can now select the scale tuning.
* In the PianoRoll, you can click on the virtual keyboard to the left to sound a note (like in Layers and Splits panes).
* Added a note editor to the PianoRoll.
* The Events list scrolls to the event selected in the PianoRoll.
* You can define the play region with pointers below the progress bar or in the PianoRoll bar heading. The progress bar pointers work in real time.
* You can loop the play region, indefinitely or for a certain number, and optionally continue to finish after the loops.
* In Wave Editor, the current sample play position is shown in the wave graph.
* In Wave Editor, when using the mouse to define SAMPLE loop points, the values are continuously updated in the table while drawing (use left mouse button for start and right mouse button for stop).
* In Wave Editor, the SAMPLE loop points can also be edited directly in the table.
* Unfiltered file type (*.*) in the Open File windows.

Bug fixes:

* DLS files were not interpreted correctly.
* Bank numbers are now always 0-based, like in most other sequencers.
* The file dialogs used in the most recent versions were quite buggy. Replaced with standard Windows dialogs with some additions.
* The Viena button in SynthFont was not connected.
* Start and stop positions were incorrectly calculated from bars and beats values.
* The Backward function was fixed.
* Arrangements with audio tracks could not be played more than once.
* Added missing 'continue after release' option to split loop generator.
* Fixed a few odd bugs in Viena (e.g. copy/paste presets from one SF2 to another).
* Fixed Playback Progress display. The progress is displayed in fractions of time. The total time is displayed to the right.
* Fixed some bugs in the PianoRoll editor (It is still not good, but better).
* Fixed the real time (live) input mode - again.
* Max True Polyphony limit didn't always work.
* When rendering the playlist to audio files, only the first entry was rendered to a file.
* Advancing to next song in the playlist caused exceptions in VST effects.
* The Events list display has been improved.
* TRIED TO FIX: On some systems the first note was "cut short" in the speaker audio stream (but not in the file output).