Xhip Synth beta 5

xhip is a subtractive synthesizer with a very pure sound quality.

- most important, free for non-commercial use
- two oscillators
- multimode filter
- waveshaping + filter (also multimode)
- two envelopes
- two modulators
- dynamic notelogic mono/poly
- cc to parameter routing (not implemented yet in the gui)
- velo to parameter routing
- self generated interface
- very small filesize


* Added support for very basic patch banks.
* Added and envelope keyboard tracking.
* Voices are now dynamically allocated.
* Fixed the way and envelope speeds are calculated.
* Worked on oscillators and made entire signal path 24 bits wide.
* Improved note logic in preparation for microtuning.
* Updated entire GUI code library and GUI.
* Improved envelope and code to be faster. (env 53cy)
* Fixed several bugs.
* Removed effects plugin from distribution because of new bugs introduced in the latest version which cannot be fixed in time for this release.